Seeds of perennial flowers and vegetables for growing at home.

Some rules for successful:

  • For successful germination, sperm needs moisture and warmth.

  • Care must be taken for fresh seeds (the older the seed, the less likely it is to sprout)


  •  Root vegetables such as carrots, radish, radish, turnip etc. is recommended to sow directly into the soil and dilute if necessary.


  •  Winter vegetables start in September instead of half shade, and summer vegetables begin in early February in a greenhouse or protected sprout. At the beginning of March, the seedlings can be moved to a flowerbed outside.

  • It is best to plant in a light and airy planting platform so that it is easy to germinate from the ground.

  • If the seeds are as small as those of lettuce, I take a small disposable pattern, perforated to drain with a fork, fill a planting bed, sprinkle the seeds on top, and cover with a thin layer of planting bed.


  • It is better to irrigate with gentle spraying or even with a spritzer so as not to spill the seeds from the soil.

  • It is very important to keep the soil moist throughout the sprouting process. If the seed began to germinate in the soil and removed its roots, the soil must not dry. However, excessive moisture can cause rot.

Good luck !